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    Since 1964, Golchin Talaee Tehran company has fulfilled the shopping  needs of families throughout Iran and some other countries with freshness,  quality, variety and value. With pride in its more than 40 years history, This  company today looks forward to a future of continued service to its customers,  communities and employees throughout the world.

Bahram Haji-Karimlou,
 founder and director of the
 Golchin Talaee Tehran Co.
 established a small Tea factory at  1964 with 6 employees. Now, that  company is one of the most famous  companies in the tea industry with  more than 300 employees and  believes in aggressive, steady,  predictable & well-planned growth.

    Our healthful and naturally oriented products are packed into Golchin Tea  and Galin Tea brand packages. These teas hold and bring to you an obvious  tea taste that is fresh and refreshing.

چای گلچین ، چای منتخب چای شناسان
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